Dear friends, 
This tournament is cancelled, registration is not possible anymore.
See your email for further information. 

Beste mensen, 
Helaas hebben we moeten besluiten dit tournooi af te gelasten. Het is niet anders. 
Ik dank jullie voor alle samenwerking in de laatste 1,5 jaar. 
D&D is helaas ten einde. We hebben het geprobeerd. 



Don't miss playing on grass !

Maybe you missed the option to register for Dukes & Dutchesses or you did not yet have opportunity to do so, but if you’ d like to play this year, don’t wait any longer and sign up today.
Sign up

The current number of 35 worries us that there won’t be enough participants to actually organise the 2015 edition of Dukes & Dutchesses.
As most of you know our facility does not belong to a club. It is just built there for the professional tournament. Please understand that therefore this grass tournament is an expensive adventure, as we have to rent the whole facility and we can’t reduce costs by cancelling courts or limiting the time we use them.

It would be unfortunate if you were planning to play and just forgot to sign up.
Out of respect for those who already signed up and those who showed their support last year, we will give it another two weeks to see if the number of participants will go up drastically. 
If that does not lead to a substantial increase in registrants in the two weeks to come, we will definitely cancel the tournament.
If you do register, please do not book any flights or accommodation in the upcoming two weeks.
For the 35 people who already signed up, we hope that many will now register and pay within the next two weeks so that we can continue this grass tournament on the European tour.


Ten reasons to attend:

  1. A tournament on real grass courts
  2. Consolation in all events
  3. Guaranteed of 4 days tennis
  4.  Free surprise for all players
  5. Matches don't start before 10 AM
  6. You play in the most welcoming city of the Netherlands
  7. Evening events at the venue and in the city
  8. Staying on site in bungalows makes your holiday entertaining and affordable
  9. Free clay courts available when defeated in the tournament
  10. Wimbledon live broadcast.



What if:

  1. It rains heavily, we continue play at synthetic grass courts
  2. Heavy showers, we continue play at indoor carpet courts
  3. You lost all your first matches and first consolation: you can play for free on clay courts in the city
  4. You don't wanna stay in an expensive hotel: we arranged bungalows on site to stay for reasonable prices
  5. You look for friends to share a bungalow: the organization can help you !